Wine sale
Guided tours
Possibility of tasting
Max.100 persons
Vineyard area:0.8 ha

The Lanz Vineyard Estate lies at an elevation of about 800m in the Eisacktal Valley in South Tyrol, at the entrance to the Pustertal Valley. Cultivating vines here is a real challenge, because the Lanz Vineyard Estate isn’t just one of the northernmost wine farms in South Tyrol, but its sloped vineyards lie on a steep gradient up to 80%. The nights are cool even in summer, contrasting sharply with daytime highs of around 30°C. The specific microclimate and other conditions affecting its vineyards, favours the production of a fresh, fruity and mineral-rich Riesling.

The short autumn harvest from the end of October until the beginning of November demands quick work. The harvested grapes are vinified in a nearby cellar, formerly a military bunker that was hollowed out by blasting through solid granite. In such ideal conditions, the wine matures at consistently low temperatures, enabling it to develop an even bouquet. Thanks to its low PH value, this long-lasting, noble wine maintains its quality over time. The annual output of the Lanz Vineyard Estate is around 4,000 bottles.

Assortment wines

Wein · Julian (Riesling)