Wine sale
Guided tours
Possibility to eat
Possibility of tasting
Max.30 persons
Vineyard area:2 ha

The Luggin family manage their own fruit and wine-farm in St. Nikolaus, a district of Caldaro/Kaltern. They refine and market their home-made products with great enthusiasm. The farm has been awarded with the Red Cock seal of approval [Roter Hahn] and is recommended by the gourmet brochure "Bäuerlicher Feinschmecker". The family places particular importance on organic farming, in order to produce genuine and down-to-earth products. Apart from wine they also produce juices, syrup, distillates and fruit bread. Everything that grows on the farm can also be purchased in the farm shop, but the produce can also be bought at the farmers’ markets of the region. The wine-growing area of the farm consists of approximately 2 hectares around the Steffelehof. In their own cellars the family press organic grapes and produce wines like the Cuvée Weiß Odorus" (Gewuerztraminer, Pinot Blanc), the Kalterersee Klassisch and the red Cuvée "Lavardi".

Assortment wines


Wein · Odorus

Wein · Lavardi