Wine sale
Guided tours
Possibility of tasting
Max.60 persons
Vineyard area:1.2 ha
Certified biodynamic

Above Lagundo, in the organically farmed vineyards and orchards of the Schnalshuberhof, Mother Nature has full reign. The Pinggera Family follow a wholesome lifestyle in harmony with nature, reflected in their wines.

The fresh and fruity grapes produce the elegant native Fraueler white wine and the native Vernatsch from red grapes. With its medium body and unique fragrance the Schnalshuberhof Pinot blanc expresses a good level of acidity. The acidic aftertaste and elegant tannins give the Pinot Noir a persistence delighting wine lovers with every glass.

Wine tastings and sales at the Schnalshuberhof Estate farm store.

Assortment wines

Wein · Rot (Vernatsch)

Wein · Rot (Blauburgunder)

Wein · Weiss (Weißburgunder)

Wein · Weiss (Souvignier Gris)

Wein · Weiss (Fraueler)