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Possibility to stay overnight
Max.25 persons
Vineyard area:1.8 ha

A banker and his passion for wine! Although Andreas Theiner had already embarked on a completely different career, his love of wine proved even stronger. The viticultural tradition at Schloss Plars harks back to 1911, to the time of his grandfather, Franz Theiner. Albeit in a roundabout way, his passion for the family tradition brought Andreas back to the Schloss Plars Winery in Algund, which he now manages together with his wife, Irene.

Facing northwest towards Venosta Valley, Mitterplars lies at an altitude of 450 m, above the Merano basin, exposing the vineyards to ample sunshine and a constant source of ventilation. This particular terroire is not only ideal for the production of a Sauvignon with strong character, but also for making Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Vernatsch, Lagrein and Merlot.

Every grape in the vineyard passes through the hands of Andreas and his father, Karl. Their continuous contact with nature and long experience are guarantees of the top quality wine they produce. Their special mix of tradition and innovation characterises the Theiners’ viticultural method at Schloss Plars with Andreas’s technological approach to winemaking blending perfectly with the enjoyment of wine, within the ancient setting of the cellar walls.

Assortment wines

DOP · Pataun

DOP · Marzan

IGP · Muskateller Spinell

DOP · Wonger

DOP · Yhrn

DOP · Lassier