Wine sale
Guided tours
Wine farms experience tailor made
Possibility of tasting
Max.50 persons
Vineyard area:4.5 ha

Until a few years ago, the Plonerhof vineyard in Marling above Meran/Merano used to be a fruit farm dedicated to apple cultivation, but the wine experts Herta and Erhard Tutzer have increasingly turned it into a vineyard estate with up to 40% steep vines. Over several decades the dedicated owners have managed to put their passion for viticulture and wine at the service of the conversion of the farm, and have since turned the Plonerhof to one of the most prolific vineyards of the region, as well as one of the most beautiful wine farms around, with a wine cellar in Merano and Environs. They maintain organic and sustainable natural vineyards, as well as pursuing a targeted reduction of the grapes on the vines guaranteed for the production of unique and elegant high quality wines, including Pinot Nero and the white varieties Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Bianco and "Nörder" cuvée. The farm also offers on-site sales and wine tastings at its own wine cellar.

Assortment wines




IGP · Nörder Exclusiv

IGP · Nobless

DOP · Exclusiv

IGP · Rosea

DOP · Marell Brut