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Max.12 persons
Vineyard area:3.1 ha
Certified biodynamic

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Our love for the environment is integral to our work and our lives. As each of the four members of the van den Dries Family: Hilde, Nico, Frieda and Franz, we live out our relationship with Mother Nature each and every day. We appreciate her power and richness, and we treat her with care and respect.

Our vineyards don’t only contain the vines themselves, but also a variety of flora and fauna. Thus, our vineyards are populated with all sorts of herbs, flowers and animals, making up a harmonious whole.

Our wines are the end result of the natural cycle regulating our vineyards across the seasons.

We are deeply grateful to Mother Nature for the fruits provided by our vineyards. Out of respect, we only utilise herbal fertilizers that reinforce and benefit our vines, ensuring an excellent grape harvest.

Since our primary goal has been to obtain the best quality product, we no longer harvest larger volumes.

By working in harmony with nature, we at the Calvenschlössl Estate, strive to produce high quality, mineralised wines with unmatched fruity aromas, exalting the unique terroir.

Our fine wines are brought to life in our cellars reflecting the exceptional and genuine character of our vineyards. All processes that could affect the quality and the original flavour of our wines are stringently avoided.

The spontaneous fermentation of grapes, generated by naturally occurring yeast strains, gives our wines their unmistakable finesse and their unique character.

Our overwhelming desire is to continue our viticulture in harmony with nature, remaining steadfast in this practice, all the way from the vine to the glass.

Assortment wines

Wein · "Sari" Solaris

Wein · "Lootscher" Solaris - Muscaris

Wein · "Goldboden" Souvignier Gris

Wein · "Schiaßstond" Mitterberg Zweigelt

Wein · "Falzeron" Cabernet Cortis